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Who we are

WorkReel is an AI first Startup

Transform Your Talent Acquisition Strategy and Enhance Your Hiring Experience with AI-Driven WorkReel

Innovative Culture

Innovations and progress in society are powered by the fuel of ideas.

Sky is the limit

We are a launching pad for bringing ideas to life.

The App Intelligence

Data Extraction from CVs

Upload your resume. WR scans it, fetches the information and put into the respective fields.

Thumbnail Generation

Upload the vidtro, WR fetches the best thumbnail out of it and place in the video.


When started off with app usage, WR provides personalized content recommendation in real-time.

Smart Search

Find exactly what you're looking for, faster than ever before with AI vision and language.

User Prediction

The likelihood of a particular outcome is predicted accurately and continuously by WorkReel AI.

Gig Matcher

Gig Matcher is a valuable tool to match on the basis of Skills, Availability, Time Period and Location.

ChatGPT Bot

For efficient and effective communication and accessible 24/7, WR Bot is based on the ChatGPT.

Smart Scheduling

WR Smart scheduling schedule the shifts, hiring and predicting future demand for services.

Business Intelligence

Executives, managers and workers can make informed business decisions through WorkReel BI.


What is WorkReel ?

How does WorkReel ensure that its AI is responsible?

Can WorkReel's AI system discriminate against certain candidates?

How does WorkReel protect the privacy of job candidates?

Can companies that use WorkReel's AI system rely solely on the AI to make hiring decisions?

How does WorkReel ensure that its AI system is up-to-date with responsible AI practices?

How does WorkReel handle cases where its AI system produces biased results?

What kind of data does WorkReel collect from job candidates?

Can job candidates request that their data be deleted from WorkReel's system?

How does WorkReel ensure that its AI system is accurate and effective?

What kind of oversight does WorkReel provide to its AI system?

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